Following the loss of my parents, Jo provided me with fantastic help in clearing out their house and garage before putting the property on the market. We literally went through each and every item deciding whether to keep, donate to charity or dispose of via recycling wherever possible. At times, the process was very challenging for me especially dealing with items of a personal nature and Jo was a great support to me throughout.  It appeared a daunting prospect at the outset but we kept on plugging away with our weekly sessions and reached a point after 9 months when I could put the house up for sale. I can thoroughly recommend people utilising Jo’s excellent organisational skills through her ‘declutter bug’ service.

Anonymous, Nottingham

Having moved two people into an old Victorian house with no storage space, there were lots of things that just didn’t seem to have a home.  So they got plonked in the Conservatory to deal with another time.  Another time came and went and “The Vanishing Cupboard” as it had become known started to creak at the seams.  The final straw came when a couple of mice decided to call it home and made short work munching things.  Jo was amazing at helping me to tackle the clutter, making sure that I stayed focused and giving me a kick up the bum when I procrastinated. She also never laughed once at all the slightly interesting finds we made!  Once the decluttering was underway I was amazed at how much we achieved in short space of time. Thanks Jo – it looks amazing now!

Sarah, Leicestershire


Jo helped me to declutter my office.  It was always a job at the bottom of my list that never seemed to take priority.  Jo met with me to establish what I was aiming for in terms of the declutter.  She took a patient and individualised approach which went at my pace.  However, she was sensitively assertive, ensuring that we made constructive and steady progress.  I now have a tidy and well organised office with an effective system I have been able to keep in place since.  I would definitely recommend Jo’s declutter skills and wish I had used this service long before.

Anne, Ruddington.


The Declutter Bug has been brilliant in sorting my home for me in a calm and stress free way.  Jo has made short work of helping me help myself in organising my home when I was so stressed about doing it on my own.  We have transformed my lounge and my garage, two areas that I didn’t know where to start.  They are both now tidy and organised and have given me enthusiasm to work on other areas of my house.  Thank you The Declutter Bug!

Sue, Nottingham.


Jo helped me realise I did not have to hold on to everything I had. Getting rid of things from the past has helped me move forward and have a different view of the future.  I have more ordered paperwork and more ordered possessions.  I found that Jo asking questions of why I was keeping something did not make me feel like she was asking me to throw everything away,  but helped me think about what was really important to me.  A great service, I can recommend highly!

Abbie, Nottingham