Having moved two people into an old Victorian house with no storage space, there were lots of things that just didn’t seem to have a home.  So they got plonked in the Conservatory to deal with another time.  Another time came and went and “The Vanishing Cupboard” as it had become known started to creak at the seams.  The final straw came when a couple of mice decided to call it home and made short work munching things.  Jo was amazing at helping me to tackle the clutter, making sure that I stayed focused and giving me a kick up the bum when I procrastinated. She also never laughed once at all the slightly interesting finds we made!  Once the decluttering was underway I was amazed at how much we achieved in short space of time. Thanks Jo – it looks amazing now!

The Vanishing Cupboard reclaimed as the Conservatory
Sarah DLeicestershire