National Organising Week 5-11th November 2018

Professional Organisers share their secrets to becoming more organised for National Organising Week: 5-11 November 2018

The Declutter Bug along with APDO members from the East Midlands, will donate their time and organising skills to Operation Orphan in Attenborough. Operation Orphan works to improve the quality of life for orphans and vulnerable children across the world. On Thursday we’ll be organising donations so that children can receive much needed clothing to help them survive very cold winter conditions.

APDO Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers represents the UK decluttering and organising industry. Founded in 2004, it is now a thriving professional community with nearly 300 accredited experts across the UK and internationally. The APDO online directory helps clients find a local organiser.

OCD – what does that mean?

This week is OCD awareness week. People still think OCD is about being neat, organised and tidy – this is to challenge you to think again.

We need to tell them that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a seriously debilitating disorder which leads the sufferer to having unwanted debilitating intrusive thoughts rendering day-to-day life a living nightmare. That’s OCD!

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Decluttering prior to moving house

I have been working with a lady recently who is hoping to move house soon.  We have been decluttering for some time and she has really been pleased with the process and the progress made.  A couple of weeks ago we worked together on ‘staging her house for sale’.  I left that evening having prepared the house ready for viewing by a potential buyer.  The viewing went exceptionally well and they  commented on how spacious and tidy the house was.

Photos can be found here: (scroll down)

Moving house and preparing to move house is a very stressful time and having a professional organiser to assist you can be a positive step.  There are many ways a professional organiser can assist you and feel free to email / call me.

The following tools can also be a great starting point to work with if you are planning to move house.



What do others think of your Clutter?

The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers in this article have highlighted research by Little Shop Of Ltd.   The research into the negative social impact of mess and the results were startling! If you’ve always thought that the only person affected by your clutter is you, then think again. Although Albert Einstein famously extolled the virtues of a messy desk, for most of us it can result in losing friends and job promotions. So, if you live in clutter-filled chaos, here’s how it could be impacting you…


What Do Others Think Of Your Clutter?


Do you need to recycle NHS equipment?

We often are left with equipment that we only use for a short time when we are incapacitated or if a relative goes into care or dies we may find ourselves with equipment that is no longer required.  What should we do with those crutches, commodes, zimmer frames?

It is always worth contacting the hospital you obtained the equipment from to see if it can be recycled.  There are also places across the country where it can be formally recycled.


Interesting ideas for decluttering in less than 30 minutes.

This is an interesting article to help you explore ways to keep the clutter under control.  It would be worth trying one a week to see if it makes a difference in your everyday life – just think in 10 weeks your life could be less cluttered!